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Runtz OG


Runtz OG For Sale

Runtz OG is one of the runtz strain variants. Not very popular amongst others like white runtz and pink runtz, it keeps its reputation as weed on flames.  This is an amazing strain with high quality and has terpenes. This bud is grown with the best jungle boys Los Angeles famers growing techniques to produce a high yield potent strain. Smoking thing will give you a relaxed sleepy and blissful feeling.

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Great for smoking after work as it reliefs you of stress; also good to be taken with friends. It eases your mind and is good for creative work when you wanna think out of the box. We’ve got these buds in 3.5g vacuum sealed mular bags. Place an order online today for the king of OGs in the Runtz family, coming with premium buds flower and you will not be disappointed. Buy our top premium runtz weed buds online today from our official dispensary


hp(228grams), OZ(28grams), Qp(114grams)


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