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Obama Runtz


Obama Runtz Strain For Sale 

obama runtz weed strain is one of the most mysterious weed strains with the Runtz nomenclature. Popularized by street culture, this strain is neither an original Runtz strain nor variant nor is it related to Obama kush. Originating from Atlanta GA, in 2020, it has made waves in the medical marijuana industry. This has been adopted by brand influencers like Jokes Up and Berner Cookies. obama runtz weed strain

You might be thinking of starting your own strain label? Don’t think so. This strain has beautiful dark and frosty buds; with darker green and purple crystals. It is a great smoke and gives a feeling of an Indica-dominant rather than a hybrid. It is grown using the best jungle boys California farmers techniques a

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Some users say it has mild effects, relaxing but not overwhelming and you can still go to work after taking this strain. Others reveal it has a narcotic high and don’t recommend it before important activities. Our batch of Obama Runtz is straight fire and the most potent bud you will find. From our conclusion, it is as good as the white runtz and pink runtz strains. obama runtz weed strain

hp(228grams), OZ(28grams), Qp(114grams)


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