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Lemon Diesel Autoflower


Genetics: (Pakistani x Lemon Thai x Chemdawg #4) x California Sour
Indica/Sativa: 70:30
Yield: Medium – High
Harvest: 9-10 weeks / mid Oct
Stature: Medium – Tall

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This indica-heavy OG cross was created by backcrossing an early OG x 3 into our California Sour (Mexican Sativa x Afghan) mother. The result is a pungent, diesel-dominated beauty with immense potency and flavor. Infrastructure development is relatively symmetrical, allowing for three or four separate terminal colas, even in tight spaces. Well-suited to sea of green and SCROG. Be patient toward the end, as Lemon Diesel fills in tremendously in the last couple of weeks.lemon diesel autoflower

The gasoline-dominant flavor and aroma are complemented by strong notes of citrus and pepper. The high creeps up on you, relaxing body and mind, allowing you to focus on a task or gradually assisting your journey to dreamland. This plant has superb quality and yield when grown indoor and outdoor. This finished in the Top Ten at the 2010 Emerald Cup, the most competitive cannabis competitions in America.


The best way to describe the effect of Lemon Diesel is how one feels. Although considered as fast-acting, it still takes up to half-an-hour for the effects to kick in. First, it begins with a feeling of cerebral euphoria that energizes the mind, then it boosts creativity and socialization. Starting from the head, Lemon Diesel creeps down to the body giving a relaxing, calm, and blissful buzz.



Although the hint of diesel can be smelled, it does not leave an aftertaste. Instead, Lemon Diesel leaves an intense flavor of sour lemon that lingers on the tongue. While the aroma of lemon does not dampen the smell of diesel completely, it does impact the diesel autoflower


Used in moderation, Lemon Diesel may help in relieving symptoms of pain including headaches and migraines. Although an adverse reaction includes anxiety (in rare instances), it does help in managing mood disorders including depression and PTSD.


10 seeds, 15 seeds, 20 seeds, 25 seeds


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