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La Confidential Strain


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LA Confidential is an indica that tastes and smells like sweet and spicy pine with a skunky and earthy undertone. When cultivated well, this strain’s buds are various shades of green, teal, and sometimes purple with frosty patches of crystal confidential strain

Its genetics stem from the indica strains Afghani and OG LA Affie, which may be my its users report that LA Confidential is a potent indica that creates a heady high which often leads to zoning out. Because of this, they suggest LA Confidential may be best to use in the evenings or at night when important tasks have already been completed and you plan to relax or head to bed. Its effects have also been reported to help ease aches and pains of both muscles and joints, eliminate stressful thoughts, increase appetite, and cause sleepiness.russell crowe la confidential

Its THC level can range anywhere from the mid-teens to the low-20’s, so be sure to check the label of your LA Confidential so you can choose how much to ingest. When over-indulging in this strain, users have indicated that you may experience an increase in anxiety or a bit of vertigo. LA Confidential does contain a decent amount of CBD higher than the norm, which may explain why it has been reported to work well to alleviating pain and and may possibly even reduce inflammation.girlfriend confidential la

LA Confidential Cannabis Strain: Aroma, Flavor, and Appearance

Said to possess an aroma that is initially skunky and a bit misleading, LA Confidential is one of these strain types that seems to surprise its consumer due to the incongruencies between its smell and taste. Imagine smelling a banana and when you go to take a bite it tastes like a grape; this is somewhat a metaphor for LAC, because this weed type reeks of pungent skunk, but after you go to take a hit, the flavors of earthy, sweet pine impact the taste buds.


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