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do-si-dos cartridge

(13 customer reviews)

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13 reviews for do-si-dos cartridge

  1. Haleema East

    Definitely a cart to beat, if you can beat it, let me know. Equal to primes Chem de la chem, and double Afghan chunk, top three strains in Pennsylvania carts.

  2. Erin Blundell

    I love do si do! It is a really chill high and helps my anxiety and back pain It’s also good for sleep

  3. Fleur Stout

    This is just okay. I like several others better. My experience is short lived but pleasant and relaxed.

  4. Kodi Findlay

    Excellent! Makes me sleepy as intended. May be perfect with those who have insomnia. No fuzzy feeling in the morning.

  5. Shiloh Juarez

    Do-si-dos is great as flower or vape. Reliably and enjoyably effective.

  6. Peter Bannister

    Do-Si-Dos put me out, and this particular one is very smooth.

  7. Callan Salter

    Tastes amazing last longer then other brands for sure. I bought this like 5 times already and I’m still skeptical about other brands not lasting long enough cuz this ish and cheap ????

  8. Osman Gale

    I wanted something easy to micro dose as a new user. Harder to get the same effect after a while. Not a huge fan of the flavor and I think it’s burning easily on my vape battery. When it’s good, it can be a really spacey, numbing high that makes me hungry – fun stuff.

  9. Imogen Colley

    I was hoping this was a strain that would easy my insomnia; sometimes it works great, other times my mind is too stimulated. Not a bad cart, just not the one I need.

  10. Samantha Person

    Exactly how I expect DoSi to be, indo to the fullest! Relaxing during the daytime, aiding sleep at nighttime. One of my top ten new era strains!

  11. Zuzanna Sparks

    Personally I think do si do is one of the best strains on the market currently. Any form of it is amazing always. Definitely a must have.

  12. Dilan Mckenzie

    This is my go to for a good buzz and a good night sleep. Love, love, love the taste and aroma. Hits fast and leads to a serious couch-lock. This is my favorite strain so far.

  13. Krystal Palmer

    This is my all time favorite strain in the program. I just keep coming back. Rythm really hit this one out of the park. The buds are amazing. The beautiful purple hues are very appealing. This strain smells like butter. It tastes just like it smells. Effects are spot on too. Perfect before bed.

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