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Cookies And Cream Vape Cartridges

(7 customer reviews)

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7 reviews for Cookies And Cream Vape Cartridges

  1. Farah Roach

    This is one of my favorite juices! I was so happy to find it at such a great price here.

  2. Haroon Olsen

    Great taste great company to purchase from.

  3. Beatrix Price

    Best tasting strain of weed that I’ve ever had the pleasure of gracing my lips.

  4. Aysha Rosa

    Love the sweet flavor. It Seems to last pretty long time. This is Going to be my go to flavor.

  5. Nuala Peel

    Being a distillate I gave it 5* because the taste was surprisingly good!!! Can’t wait to get more!!!

  6. Alisa Byrne

    The flavor is excellent and the feeling tends to come on more evenly for me.

  7. Liyana Cox

    420Marijuanamemes was so efficient and the cheapest that I was able to find my all time favorite vape juice! This one as well as the ice cream flavor put out by the same company are the only vape juices that I use! I received my order within 4 days without any problems at all. Everything was awesome!!

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