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Super Citrus Haze Strain


Genetics: 80% sativa 20% indica
Harvest time: indoor: 9 weeks
Harvest time: outdoor: second week october
Yield indoor: 450 to 650 gr per m2
Yield outdoor: 100 to 400 gr per plant
THC Level: Very high 20%+
CBD Level: Average/high
Mold resistant: Very good
Quality: Very high
Flavour: Nice sour flavour with an uplifting high
Medical info: Good for meditation and creative high

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 Supper citrus super haze delivers the fruity, clean taste that its name suggests. Citrus orange hairs sweep over the light green finished flowers, making this strain pleasing to the eye and palate alike. super citrus haze strain

Seedman breeders created this sativa dominant strain by crossing Lemon Skunk with Super Silver Haze. The cross results in a mid-sized flowering plant that produces numerous, large, fluffy flowers. citrus sunshine haze strain

This strain finishes on the early side, which can be a nice change from many other sativa dominant strains.  Some sativa dominant plants can be known to take as long as 12 weeks in flowering! Our growers have experienced finished flowers ready for harvest in just 9 weeks. citrus super haze. The plant grows thin, and mid-sized to tall, like a sativa. However, the plant produces large, thick flowers, a common characteristic of an indica. Harvest is fairly simple due to the minimal amount of thin fan leaves on the larger flowers. Overall, Citrus Super Haze is a perfect strain for novice growers. citrus lemon haze strain

This tasty, smooth strain provides just the right amount of uplift without being too psychoactive. Many of the strains Mainely Hydro has chosen to produce have exceptionally high THC contents, but this strain stays below 20%. Citrus Super Haze provides a little more of a balance, boasting low CBD and mid-range THC content. This balance could be beneficial to ease symptoms of depression, anxiety, and mild muscle pain. tropical citrus haze strain

High yielding, good tasting, and an easy strain to grow at home or commercially. what is the best haze strain

The super citrus haze is a lemon like haze, really sour and powerfull. what is lemon haze strain
It grows like a real sativa with long side branches and long sativa buds.
However, She is not fully sativa because of a part lemon skunk.
That very gene makes the buds finish really fat and thick.
The plants get more bushy during the blooming period and it fininshs a little earlier because of the indica.
This oftenly crowned strain fininshes within 9 weeks.
Smoking this weed gives a sour taste of the lemon with a good haze flavour to it.
The instant and long lasting high makes it perfect for meditation en creative succeses.




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