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Premium Marble Hash


Premium Marble Grade Hash are simply estatic and proud to be offering! This amber hash has a nice smooth texture to the touch, and resembles a marble burlwood in appearance.
It is quite elegant just in appearance alone. After smoking the amber hash, you soon come to realize that deep.

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Premium Marble Hash, the grade of marijuana plant contains significant thc, and the trichomes contain the most thc of the parts of the bud.  To get the most concentrated form of weed, you want to gather together the trichomes.  Hash is the most basic and traditional form of THC concentrate.  It is made by collecting trichomes of the female marijuana plant, then applying heat and pressure.  This creates a dense concentrate, in the form of a brick or cookie-like substance.  It is traditionally eaten but, can also be consumed through smoking.  Less pure varieties will not completely dissolve on a nail.  But clearer, shatter-like varieties can be used with a nail and rig.  There are many ways of producing hash.  We will look at the pros and cons of different methods.

When the trichomes are collected, the resultant substance is called kief.  When the kief is then pressed and melted, the result is hash.premium marble hash

Hash can be consumed in many ways but is difficult to burn in a joint.  It is therefore often eaten or added to a regular joint to give an extra kick of pain relief or psychoactive effects.  Hash of different purities can have different colors, including tan, reddish, yellow, or transparent.  Hash is the most popular cannabis product in Europe, whereas North Americans tend to use more herbal marijuana.

There is evidence of hemp use as far back as 10,000 BC in parts of Asia, and Hashish in particular had spread across Arab lands by 900 A.D.  By the 1800s, such creative luminaries as Victo Hugo and Alexandre Dumas (writer of The Three Musketeers) were hashish eaters.  In the ensuing years, hash use spread across western nations, with hash remaining the most popular cannabis product in Europe while herbal marijuana took over in North America.


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