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Mighty Mango


THC  18%
EFFECTS Relaxed, Dry Eyes, Creative.
BENEFITS Stress, Anxiety, Depression, Pain, Insomnia.
BEST FOR Day & Night time use 

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 Mighty mango strain from Vision Seeds seed bank. mighty mango seed is the product of the fusion of 3 classic cannabis with very special genetics, Jack Herer, Super Skunk and Big Skunk Korean and have given birth to a new variety that encompasses all its virtues. mighty mango strain

What Is Mighty Mangolike?

 Mighty mango variety is a feminized seed and is a hybrid with a marked Indica 75% versus 25% Sativa character. Mighty mango develops very vigorous plants outdoors and of a more controlled height indoors that will not exceed 60 cm but will be abundantly branched and will produce a large number of buds. mighty mango reviews

How Much Does It Produce?

Mighty Mango is a strain with a high productivity, according to the figures provided by the seed bank, in outdoor crops can be harvested up to 650 gr / plant while in indoor crops we move around 500 gr/m2. As you can see, both figures are much more than respectable and it will be worth waiting for those 9 weeks of flowering. mighty mango reddit

What is the taste?

Mighty Mango aroma and flavour, marked by its fruity base, is an authentic sensitive delicacy, your sense of smell and your sense of taste will enter a range of sensations that you have never known before. This smoke will pass into your memories as a feeling that escapes what you knew until now and reinvents the term “Very good” and raises it to excellence. mighty mango weed

What effect does Mighty Mango have?

Mighty Mango high THC levels of 18% will give you a strong and long-lasting effect, and its Indica character will give you body relaxation with increased brain activity. So mighty mango is perfect for everyday life at any time of day. Mighty Mango is going to be your ruin. mighty mango weed

How can I grow Mighty Mango Weed?

Mighty Mango is not going to be suitable for all growers, it is a variety that requires some care as its very dense structure requires it. Therefore it will be a joy for the vocational cultivator who enjoys taking care of these little beauties. mighty mango vision seeds

Enjoy this very special weed, with a unique taste and that will be the desire of every smoker who deserves it. If you are looking for quality, potency and a unique genetics, the Mighty Mango is your seed and you already have it available here at 420Marijuana Memes.


14 Grams, A Pound, An Ounce, Half Pound, Quarter Pound


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