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Labanese Camel Hash (AAAA)

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Labanese Camel Hash ; Despite its illicit nature, the Lebanese have grown and harvested cannabis for many years and produce some of the best hash in the world. The majority of cannabis grown in Lebanon is grown in the Bekaa Valley, making use of the regions extremely fertile soil. The Bekaa Valley is the heart of Lebanese agriculture and the number one location for cannabis cultivation. Lebanese Hash comes in two distinct varieties: yellow and red. Some have argued

that the difference is a result of two separate strains, when in fact, yellow and red Lebanese Hash is actually produced with cannabis harvested at different stages in the growth cycle. Yellow Lebanese Hash is made from plants that have been harvested at an earlier stage of development. This produces a high that is more pronounced in cerebral effects.lebanese camel hash

Red Lebanese Camel Hash is produced using plants that are a little older and are said to contain higher amounts of the non-psychoactive compound Cannabinol (CBN) – resulting in a hash that producers more mild effects.

Once the cannabis plants are harvested, dried, and cured – the hash can then be produced. A silk screen is used to extract the resin produced by the cannabis plant, which is then stored until the end of Fall. At the start of Winter, the kief crystals are transferred from silk screens to cotton (or linen bags) and is then pressed – to create a soft, smooth brick of lebanese camel hash.


Relaxed – 100%
Sleepy – 65%
Happy – 63%
Euphoric – 56%
Hungry – 37%

Medical Effects of Lebanese Camel Hash

Insomnia – 100%
Stress – 80%
Depression – 63%
Pain – 61%
Lack Of Appetite – 60%

Negative Effects

Dry Mouth – 100%

Dry eyes – 80% Headache – 29%

Dizzy – 10%

Anxious – 5%

7 reviews for Labanese Camel Hash (AAAA)

  1. Sorcha Keller

    Camel Hash is bet hash in blonde category! Tastes 10 smokes 9 high 9.3 Love it!

  2. Sarina Mcmanus

    I hope of getting a free gift from you guys soon, cause this is where I’ve been putting all my money. Lol that’s just because yall got what I want, and your delivery is always good

  3. Eve Berry

    Silky smooth and relaxing, forgot what I was smoking. I also forgot to cook dinner!

  4. Penny Moyer

    I must say that this hash surprised me. I will buy again!!

  5. Jorgie Morrison

    I have a huge lower back pain even the meds doc can prescribe are useless but that hash does. Definitely will order again.

  6. Benito Mohammed

    5 stars!! First time trying this with no regrets. Smokes nice and smooth, hits very nice as well. Buddy of mine hasn’t smoked hash in a while, shared some with him and he loved the buzz. Will def buy again!
    Loving 420 Marjuana Memes

  7. Akash Blanchard

    Will be grabbing this again , very nice smell , taste and buzz , top shelf for sure …..

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