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Aura Edibles Gummy Candies

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Aura Extract gummies contain only natural ingredients. Flavoured using medicine heavy turmeric and hibiscus flower for aroma. Appetizingly colored with bold annatto seed and beet powder. All-natural.

Non-medical Ingredients

Natural Flavouring, Tumeric, Annato Seed, Sugar, Glucose, Beet Powder, Hibiscus, Citric Acid

Each bag contains 200mg Of THC

Four Candies per bag

50mg of THC per piece

Green Apple, Mango, Orange, Peach or Strawberry

Indica, Sativa or CBD

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Aura edibles gummy candies contain only natural ingredients. Flavoured using medicine heavy turmeric and hibiscus flower for aroma. Appetizingly colored with bold annatto seed and beet powder. All-natural.

Aura Edibles Gummy Candies

Do you have a craving for something sweet that will make you end up feeling like a kid in a candy shop? Look no further; try out Aura Edible gummy candies. The Gummies contain natural ingredients only. Heavy medicinal turmeric and hibiscus flower are used to flavour the gummies while bold annatto seed and beet powder are used to appetizingly colour the gummies. Aura gummies provide cannabis users with a health conscious alternative that enables them to reap therapeutic benefits of cannabis while avoiding negative side effects associated with smoking.

The Aura gummies are used in the treatment of depression, pain, lack of appetite, stress and insomnia.

Aura Edibles Gummy Candies: Fragrance and Flavour

Aura gummies flavours include Green apple, mango, orange, peach and strawberry. The gummies have an aroma which is a mixture of heavy turmeric and hibiscus flower.

Aura Edibles Gummy Candies: Appearance

They are belly shaped, with each gummy having 50mg THC. They are packed in a package that contains 4 gummies.

Aura Edibles Gummy Candies: Ingredients

Aura extract gummies ingredients are all natural; beet powder, hibiscus, citric acid, glucose, sugar, Annatto seed, natural flavouring and turmeric.


They help users to enjoy the miraculous healing benefits of cannabis and also provides users with a health conscious alternative that is of good benefit to their bodies. These gummies provide users with therapeutic benefits making them feel uplifted, happy, and giggly, get hungry, generate creative ideas and thoughts and become sleepy too. Their potency enables them to be used in the treatment of pain, lack of appetite, stress, insomnia and depression. To experience a full effect of the aura gummy one should take one gummy and allow a one hour period before consuming more.


Smoking cannabis has its own negative side effects and for users who are in need of taking care of their bodies but still have an urge to consume some cannabis it’s recommendable that they try out the aura edible gummy. It’s a gummy with healing benefits and provides users with an alternative health conscious option that will greatly benefit the user’s health and body. The gummies are delicious and their potency ensures that they benefit the user.

Aura Edibles Profile

Gone are the days of getting questionable cannabis formulas from unreliable and shady distributors. Now, you can get your favourite product online with less effort. Nonetheless, the biggest problem is finding a cannabis store with quality products that you can trust. Nevertheless, Aura Edibles is here for you. It’s a Canadian marijuana company that aims at providing you with affordable cannabis edibles, which plays a significant role in improving your confidence, health and wellness.

Besides, a household title for cannabis production in Canada, Aura Edibles, is a company that boasts a variety of mouthwatering gummies full of weed potency. It’s a firm with a team of experts whose aim is to craft a best-in-class retail experience for marijuana adult use only. Further, they offer a selection of curated formulas appealing to consumers who wish to boost their life enjoyment via cannabis, offering them unique recreational and medical products. They are also devoted to bringing you quality, potency and purity through their THC infused gummies.

Additionally, Aura Edibles is quickly making a name for itself by distributing deliciously enticing cannabis products with premium ingredients and no artificial additives. Their edibles contain only natural ingredients, heavy medicine turmeric for flavouring and the hibiscus flower for the aroma. Besides, these edibles are appetizingly coloured with the bold annatto seed along with beet powder to ensure that you get the best dose with each delicious bite.

Professionals founded Aura Edibles with a deep yet inspiring interest in assisting others while spreading Kush’s excellent healing benefits. They realized that adding cannabis into your lifestyle can help in taking care of your body and life. This realization spearheaded the creation of Aura Edibles while finding health-conscious methods or alternatives for consumers to reap all the benefits of the miracle plant. Therefore, they thrive at crafting cannabis edibles with therapeutic benefits while giving their consumers the option of avoiding the adverse effects of smoking marijuana.

Further, Aura Edibles has kept a positive image over the years by providing cannabis enthusiasts with products they love. They believe in offering pock-friendly yet potent products that will help you forget about your worries and stay happy, alert and cheerful. Having ventured into the cannabis industry since its legalization, this firm has the expertise, capability and experience of using only the best herbs in Canada. Moreover, they only use cannabis hybrids are naturally holistic in providing exceptional healing and uplifting powers.

Additionally, their formulas are professionally hand-created and come in decent packets that enhance your convenience and discreetness. They have unique yet delicious flavours and aromas for those who want to keep their marijuana consumption as private as possible. Whether you are in a family or public gathering, you don’t have to worry about people noticing you are high or taking marijuana. These edibles have mild effects when taken with caution and have no robust marijuana aromas. In fact, it’s hard to believe you are eating marijuana-infused gummy until you feel the euphoric and uplifting effects.

Owned and operated by marijuana lovers, you can trust Aura’s product. They ensure that that their products go through third-party lab testing to ascertain that they lack any contaminant, chemical or heavy metals. Further, they use locally grown Canadian strains. They only contract farmers who rely on organic farming and do not use inorganic fertilizers or pesticides. They also use a unique cannabis oil extraction mechanism that ensures no additives or solvents in your favourite gummies.

Besides, potency and high purity is the chief defining terms for the Aura’s cannabis concentrates. They apply exceptional, innovative, ethical standards and sustainable crafting procedures to provide you with the best products on the market. Also, they observe strict state and company’s production guidelines to ensure that everything is safe and as you deserve.

Aura Edibles lines of line cannabis-infused products are packed with full fun flavours, potency, and yet they are sure to impact positively in your life. Some of these gummies include Gummy Candies, 4 Pack Mix and Match and Gummy Bears. Also, these gummies come in various flavours such as assorted pack, orange lime, blueberry grape and strawberry banana. Also, they contain non-medical components such as natural flavouring, annatto seed, glucose, sugar and citric acid, among others.

Aura Edibles’ gummies make it your one-stop-shop for all marijuana needs. All their formulas help consumers stay joyous, lively and alert. Those dealing with a lack of appetite, sleep and stress will also find refuge in Aura’s gummies. Further, they offer to healing properties to marijuana consumers struggling with depression, anxiety and chronic pains. Each pack contains 150mg THC, every packing six candies of 25mg THC each.

If you need to boost your overall well-being, health and mood, incorporate Aura Edibles’ in your daily dosage, and you won’t regret it. Most convenient, the best and tastiest snacks, these edibles from Aura will provide you with a long-lasting yet mind relaxing high like never before. With numerous marijuana concentrates on the market, it’s essential to be keen and buy from a distributor can trust. Aura Edibles proves to be such a dealer with customer-friendly and quality products that will be on your doorstep with no time.

Furthermore, Aura Edibles appreciates and believes in the therapeutic benefits of the natural cannabis plant. Therefore, all their selections bring the best out of the plant to make your life more enjoyable. Incorporating the THC distillates, terpenes and cannabinoids in their gummies ensure you have exactly what you asked for. Operated by a team with a vision of optimizing plant-based edibles’ potency, it’s a company that aims to become one of the leading producers and distributors of the best cannabis products.

Further, Aura Edibles works with Get Kush to make it easier to order and select your favourite weed edibles. Through Get Kush, you can now like and purchase your favourite THC gummies only and relax as you wait for the product to be shipped into your compound. All you need to do is have an identification card to prove you are of legal age.


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