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Atomik Moon Rocks CBD 40.57% CBD

(5 customer reviews)


Manufacturer  1 Stop Extracts

THC Content  12.66%

CBD Content  40.57%

CBN Content  0.09%

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Atomik 420 Moon Rocks | Atomik moon rocks cbd recently added to our CBD collection are the totally unique Moon Rock weed. Formed from the highest quality hemp flower strains and wrapped in pure CBD concentrated oils before being smothered in a generous layer of kief/pollen.

Upon hearing about a cannabis product called moon rocks, one can imagine some pretty alarming realities, but this is just another super potent. Unless you consume concentrated cannabis on the regular, smoking some moon rocks is bound to be a trip. moon rocks cbd uk. atomik moon rocks CBD 40.57% CBD for sale.

How To Make Moon Rocks CBD Strain

There is no strict recipe for Moon Rocks, just a common method to be followed. First you will need to decide for what purpose they are being created. what are moon rocks For example, if you are looking to get as high as possible, you might want to alter the ingredients slightly. You may wish to use a highly concentrated THC cannabis oil instead of hash oil. hybrid moon rocks cbd.

Where To Buy Moon Rock CBD Online | atomik 420 moon rocks

If you are looking to make them on purely medical grounds, you could use a nugget of high CBD weed, soak it in high CBD cannabis extract and then roll this mixture in high CBD kief. best moon rocks cbd.

You will need the following in order to whip up a batch of Moon Rocks:atomik 420 moon rocks

Material to make an outer layer, either kief from selected cannabis strains or cannabis crystals. cbd moon rocks reddit. where to cbc moon rock

An oil of your choosing, hash oil or whole plant extract can be used.  what are moon rocks cbd

A set of tweezers. cbd moon rocks benefits.

A tiny brush. moon rocks cbd strain.atomik 420 moon rocks


14 Grams, A Pound, An Ounce, Half Pound, Quarter Pound

5 reviews for Atomik Moon Rocks CBD 40.57% CBD

  1. Sumaiyah Finney

    love it. it’s strong and fast acting. Plus, it’s fairly long lasting, even past its initial euphoria (at least. in my opinion). Really strong smell btw.

  2. Bobbi Shepherd

    Very potent!! Do not under estimate them, I received my package yesterday in shock and guess what… I’m in Dundee Scotland.

  3. Sanjay Molloy

    Up-till the time I had this in my hands, I couldn’t still differentiate the various moon rock types now I can tell which is which’

  4. Phillippa Cameron

    First time customer and i got my package.

  5. Max Bradshaw

    We had head our uncle in Cali talking all the time about moon rocks when ever he came for Christmas holidays here in Wisconsin, so i said to my self when I get to the legal age i’ll try that northern lights moon rock i’ve been hearing about. So had to go online to see where I can get that northern light so when I got into the net the first pic I could find was the pic from 420 MARIJUANA MEMES so that was how I found my self here. Even though the said 48 hours they assured me off passes without getting the package so I got scared had to calm down when I received a call from my wife, the package was waiting for me at my door steps. So that was how I got to try out what my uncle had been talking about but that shit good though thanks again 420 MARIJUANA MEMES.

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