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Blackberry Kush Cartridge

(9 customer reviews)

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9 reviews for Blackberry Kush Cartridge

  1. Lynden Coffey

    Just what you would expect from an Indica + really nice flavor. Stony enough for this heavy smoker.

  2. Ishan Todd

    This product helps my chronic daily migraines a little.

  3. Scarlette Whitley

    I recommend this for winding down and relaxing.

  4. Elsie Powell

    The wax is good and the high is great, but I have bought this cartridge multiple times and the 1g version very often leaks (i.e. you get wax on your lips because it leaks through the mouthpiece). Not a good experience and makes me question the quality of the cartridge.

  5. Anayah Barrett

    Yes, so happy they improved their cartridges from years ago. Love Blackberry Kush.

  6. Oluwatobiloba Robson

    It was harsh and it was not was I expecting to be there in flavor.

  7. Isra Boyle

    I was relaxed, my mind was at peace and I easily fell asleep

  8. Oran Middleton

    A little amop 1st but then calmness settles in

  9. Roxanne Driscoll

    Great for afternoon chill, really helps me to get to sleep, but not before I have a giggle fit and some good conversations ????.

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