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Rolling Trays, anyone who has rolled a blunt or a joint without having a steady surface knows how difficult it can be. It can lead to having a complete mess and losing some weed in the process. Fortunately, some unlucky soul who had to deal with this process realized what a pain it was before …


A Federal Trial Related to Cannabis Possession 

Assistant U.S. Attorney Anatoly Smolkin, in his final statements on the second week of May 2022, outlined that Jonathan Wall’s trial was not about cannabis possession. According to him, “It’s not about the possession of marijuana.” “This is a case regarding a narcotics conspiracy,” in which “enormous money” was exchanged for huge amounts of cannabis. When it was time …

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KY Gov Green Lights Cannabis Center

Kentucky will be getting its very own cannabis center thanks to a move taken by Governor Andy Beshear, reported the Associated Press. Beshear also assesses his authority to pass medical marijuana by taking executive action. The bill, which authorized the creation of a marijuana research facility at the University of Kentucky, received positive responses from …

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Department of GOP Representative Defends Objection to Cannabis Law

The key Republican congressman who supports ending federal prohibition sent a letter to other Republicans on March 30, 2022, offering advice on the current cannabis law and stating why he intended to vote against the Democratic-led legislative measures as formulated as it is. As the House Judiciary Committee prepares to vote on the Marijuana Opportunity, …

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Hemp or Marijuana: Which Is Which? Your Comprehensive Guide to the Differences

Have you ever found yourself perplexed by the question, “What is the difference between hemp and marijuana?” You’re not alone – many struggle to understand the distinctions between these two plants, which belong to the cannabis family. Hemp has low levels of THC with higher concentrations of CBD, while marijuana typically contains higher amounts of …

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Cannabis Delivery And Clients

 if you are looking at the option of marijuana shipment you may be pondering merely how these types of companies can affect your neighborhood.. Although it’s exceptionally handy to obtain accessibility to subscription-based services as well as shipment solutions, private canvas distribution solutions can easily supply benefit as effectively as a variety of benefits to …

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